Your health is like a kaleidoscope.

All the different inputs to your health and well-being are in constant flux, so health is dynamic and changes constantly. ¬†Connectivity is how factors like your nutrition, fitness, environment and so on work together to express your state of health. ¬†Imagine your well-being much like a kaleidoscope with a snap shot of what your health looks like at each moment the scope is turned. The colored objects inside are reflected in the mirrors to the viewer on the outside. The patterns we see change with each turning touch and are the result of how all of the parts of the scope flow together with the objects inside–each influencing the others.

Connectivity is how all the physical parts of the kaleidoscope and the objects inside plus the hand that turns the scope come together to make the patterns we see–that is, our current state of well-being, which is always changing.

The endless patterns are always changing. Similarly, our cells are in constant motion and change along with the flow of blood, nutrients, and water, the growth of our bones, muscles and all that is within our physical being along with energy, thoughts, and emotions. We are also connected to the environment around us through the air that we breathe and the soil we walk on. The picture of our health is in constant motion with all the connected, moving parts much like the kaleidoscope.