Workshop Descriptions

Upcoming Wellness Workshop Descriptions (Customized Workshops Available):

Take a You Turn™ Series:  Discover Your Relationship With Food

We all know basically WHAT to eat and what NOT to eat. So why do we do the opposite of what we know is better for our health?  Why do our new healthy eating habits slip away so soon? Why don’t we feel in control of our efforts to gain energy, manage weight and be healthier?

This workshop series will give you insight and tools to say ‘hello’ to your new relationship with food and ‘good-bye’ to food-trap habits, extra weight and the sugar blues if they’re bugging you too.

  • Feeling sluggish and don’t know why?
  • Can’t put the bag of chips or cookies down, until the last one has been eaten?
  • Finished a meal, stuffed and miserable for hours afterwards asking, “WHY did I eat so much?”
  • Feel like you’ve tried every diet under the sun and it just won’t stick, but the weight does (or it comes back)?If that little voice just said, “Yes” to any of the questions above, I invite you to treat yourself to Discover Your Relationship With Food. 
    …And if you said it with a heavy heart, please, let me help you, because I’ve been there!

This workshop answers those questions as they apply to YOU.
It’s about solutions to your food frustrations.
It’s about empowerment to control your eating, rather than eating controlling you!
It’s about what makes sense for YOU—not one-size fits all quick-fixes for those other folks!


I invite YOU to be EMPOWERED, find SOLUTIONS

and say, HELLO to your NEW relationship with FOOD.

Discover Your Relationship With Food – Chandler, AZ


5 hours of content + 30 min private consultation (up to 4 weeks following the workshop) + free access to support group.

Space is limited to 10 participants.


TBA, Chandler-Mesa, AZ

TBA, 2018 – Nashville, TN

TBA, 2018 – Avondale,  AZ

TBA, 2018 – Tucson, AZ

Want to request Take A You Turn™ Workshops for your organization?  I would love to help your group! Contact Himawari Wellness.


Take A You Turn™ Series:  Mindful Movement

A 1-Day Workshop to help you engage in awareness with every move you make.  Whether sitting, standing, driving, or exercising, you can do it more safely as well as get the biggest bang for your fitness buck with Mindful Movement.

This workshop is designed to help both sedentary people prepare to become physically active again and active folks move move effectively, more safely and prevent injury.   Mindful Movement will increase your awareness of and your ability to improve:

  • breathing as the foundation of movement
  • intrinsic and extrinsic core
  • stability and mobility
  • flexibility of the joints

This workshop is best limited to 8-12 people, depending on space available.

Want to request Mindful Movement for your organization?  I would love to help your group! Contact Himawari Wellness.

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