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Eating From a Place of Love

Back to a place of love…I’m eating a scrambled egg sandwich.  A double-stuffed, half one that is. The snowballing cycle of fears snuck back into my life recently. Food-like products inserted their way back into my diet through an increasing amount “special occasions” and the kind of eating that goes along with those.  They have
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Care: EPIC START to Fitness Strategy #4

What does it mean to “care” for yourself in terms of fitness? Here are a few unorthodox comments and suggestions on the subject of fitness. Take a moment each day to care for your body with gratitude in your mind and heart. Simple point: when we focus on our own gratitude towards something, we are
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Why Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is an approach to eating differently from our typical modern way of consuming food. You can probably guess what “mindful eating” means in essence; however, you might feel a bit unclear about how to go about doing it or how to explain it to someone. Mindful eating involves the why, the how, and
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Imagine: EPIC START Fitness Strategy #3

Seeing yourself enjoying fitness activities is a great tool for becoming and staying fit. Imagine Your Self-Fulfilled Fitness Prophecy You’ve heard of “smile until you actually feel happy” or “fake it ‘til you make it.”  There is indeed power in the notion of “believe to achieve.”  The sports psychology field points to many studies on
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