The Road to Recovery

When I dumped sugar, the calories had to come from somewhere.  Because sugar, in one or more of its 56 forms, is in everything—everything processed anyway.

As a recovering sugar-holic I discovered Real Food.  This is one of the biggest joys in my life!  It prompted me to delve into studying Human Nutrition and learning about the intricacies of life at a microscopic level.  I wanted to understand why I felt so much better physically, mentally and emotionally after making such a radical change in my diet.

It also prompted me to learn the art of cooking.  Nothing fancy. Not like a chef. But basic food preparation.  Leaving the cans and boxes on the shelves of the supermarket, I became friends with fresh fish, fruit and veggies.  To be honest, my new BFF are vegetables!  My family could hardly believe this given my past aversion to them.


I learned things about myself and I discovered love through rinsing, chopping, tearing and serving Real Food.  My eyes opened to a whole new world—and I began a new life of thriving, not just surviving.

Fortunately, you don’t have to study nutritional biochemistry to get it.  You don’t even have to go to culinary school to start getting the nutrients you need through Real Food.  It’s all accessible to you and I am eager to help you.

Through Real Food we can live vibrantly!

“Let thy food be thy medicine.” ~Hippocrates

Sound nutrition through Real Food is at the core of health and well-being.

Change is definitely challenging, it is also rewarding. Likewise, eating Real Food instead of the Standard American Diet (SAD) can be a challenge in the beginning, but well worth the effort!

I admit it:  change is easier for some than others, but un-doing years of habit is possible.

I admit it:  there is a lot of confusing and mis-information about nutrition available to us.

I admit it:  Preparing Real Food takes time out of a busy schedule.

Navigating change, learning new skills, and deciphering vast amounts of information on your own can be daunting.

The good news is there is a way! You can choose your path and be well on your way starting today.  You can find NUTRITION know how throughout the Himawari Wellness blog and social media.

For NUTRITION coaching through The You-nique Approach to Well-being, contact me today!