The namesake is in honor of the late Ms. Ikuko Konno and the Blue Poppies English Study Group of Kasugai, Japan:  Ms. Keiko Nakamura, Mr. and Mrs. Hideo Masuda, Mr. and Mrs. Ryokichi Yamamoto, Ms. Itsuyo Iwamoto, Ms. Shizuko Kuroda and Mr. and Mrs. Kohki Hibino.

During an English lesson one day we were practicing the use of “should.”  I flippantly asked an example question, “What do you think I should name my nutrition institute?”  Indeed, Ms. Nakamura answered with her usual exuberance, her great big smile and bright eyes, “I think you should name your institute Himawari Institute!”


This group, many in their 60’s, had an amazing level of energy and enthusiasm for everything—be it gathering with their friends for a cup of tea, learning something new, or running marathons. They inspired me in many ways. They knew from previous conversations how I wanted to help other people rid themselves of the shrouds of unhealthy misery and live vibrantly! The name stuck! Marketing in America aside, HIMAWARI is perfect both in the inspiration and intent. Much gratitude to them for showing me what it is to be HIMAWARI.


Just as the sunflower gathers energy from the sun to provide beauty, energy and nourishment; the intention of HIMAWARI WELLNESS is to share inspiration and knowledge that will help us all live vibrantly!

The Sower of the Seeds—Abstract

An avid learner, traveler and volunteer in my free time, I have received great joy in teaching and coaching others for over 25 years. Sustainable living is my passion. What does that mean? In a nutshell, it means taking care of ourselves and our environment in ways that can be maintained over the long term. It means, in all aspects of life, we live vibrantly!

I am extremely fortunate to have learned so much about how to be happy and healthy, from formal education and from a life of rich and colorful—yet not always pleasant circumstances. I’ve learned that our well-being is not achieved through diet plans, pills, potions, powders or back-breaking booty regimes. Good health and happiness doesn’t result from a life of all things “disposable” and possessing the latest and greatest.

It has been my experience that the secret to living vibrantly is the You-nique Approach to Well-being. What foods work for me, might not work for you. Running has always been my thing, I doubt it is yours—but you can be fit too! Flexibility, in our minds as well as our bodies, is something we could all use a little more of; however, we each have to find what works for us. Being mindful, being physically active and eating real food along with understanding the connections to our well-being is like enriching soil with nutrients and water for any seed to reach its full vibrant potential. Reaching a level of security and peace with our well-being requires commitment, nurturing and time. It isn’t a quick fix…but it is somewhat magical…to grow into our own beauty, and strength to stand tall, to feel vibrant, like a sunflower.

Whether it is through coaching, workshops or free material from the You-nique Approach to Well-being; my hope and dream is to help you find what works for you!

Healthy Regards & Live Vibrantly!

Trudi Wimberley
M.S., Human Nutrition
B.S., Physical Education
Recovered Sugar-holic
Avid Lifetime Learner
Himawari Seed Sower