Many of us struggle with being physically active.  The mention of a workout brings to mind drudgery, not fun.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Do you struggle with being physically active?  Or, do you really enjoy strength training and despise the cardio so you are unbalanced?  Do you start a fitness regime every January and by February you have either injured yourself or lost motivation and find yourself back on the couch?  How is the gym membership working for you? Your walking partner baled on you again so you decided to skip your walk—again?

Remember that quote by Hippocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine.”

If food is our medicine, movement is the medicine bottle. It has only been very recent in human history that we haven’t had to move much to get our food.


By nature we are moving beings, but these days some of us are more or less inclined to move.  And we enjoy different ways of moving.   For some it is a gym workout, for some it is sport and requires an element of competition, for others it is recreation, still others want company to socialize their way through activity.  The key is finding what works for YOU, and learning to do it safely.

You can try an EPIC START to finding that key on your own today:

EExplore.  Try some activities outside your norm.
PPlay.  Try activities that involve an element of play, this doesn’t have to be a sport per se.
IImagine.  Visualize yourself enjoying movement and staying fit. You will find what works for you.
CCare.  Take a moment each day to care for your body with gratitude in your mind and heart.

S Start Today. A little movement goes a long way, but definitely start today!
T – Take it slowly at first:  Prevent injury by gradually increasing instead of over-doing it right off the bat.
A – Add a little each week: Increase time, intensity or a different activity each week.
R – Rest if you feel pain:  Soreness is a good thing, pain is not; listen to your body.
T – Take it easy on yourself:  Don’t beat yourself up emotionally or physically, be patient and persistent.

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