Eating From a Place of Love

Back to a place of love…I’m eating a scrambled egg sandwich.  A double-stuffed, half one that is.

The snowballing cycle of fears snuck back into my life recently. Food-like products inserted their way back into my diet through an increasing amount “special occasions” and the kind of eating that goes along with those.  They have been conveniently creeping their way back into my life…and into my being.  They once again started driving my eating habits, those designed to be addictive food-like products!   Therefore, insidiously slipping back into my life and into my being, they sicken my body and my spirit.  My soul slipping back into misery…And then, I recognize it!

I choose love!  I choose to love my being and care for myself.  I choose to cram two pasture-raised eggs with grass-fed butter onto one piece of bread cut into halves. I choose this expensive bread of thirteen ingredients over a cheaper bread made from over thirty. Five of the thirteen are seeds.  Seeds in lieu of synthetic chemicals and conditioners. I choose seeds.  Seeds of love.

And I choose greens.  I stuff a handful of arugula between the l layers of egg.  I choose love.  I choose to be the best me.  The best me requires real food.

The zingy taste of arugula lingers…I crave more love…I crave more zing!  I’m going for another handful of arugula…and wishing I had an avocado.  My double-stuffed half-sandwich is gone, so I reach for yet another handful of arugula. But I have no avocado…Oh!  I have pine nuts though…they are really seeds…seeds of love of course!  And I have some avocado dressing…more love!

arugula berry salad

Choosing real food is a choice of real love.

Oh!  There are some berries left over from last night’s dinner party! Joy! Love!

It took seven minutes to have a sandwich of love on my plate.  In two more minutes, I have a plate of over-flowing love! I am eating love.

I choose love.

I choose real food.

I choose joy!

I choose love!

P.S. If you want to choose eating from a place of love and not sure how, join a workshop or contact Himawari Wellness.