Sugar-Holic–Motivational Power, Activate!

The startling truth about the insidious effects of sugar was the main motivator in my licking the sugar habit. I feared a life of surviving, but not thriving.  And with knowledge came hope. Part II of the Sugar-Holic Story My personal motivation to eat the way I ate prior to reading Lick the Sugar Habit
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My name is Trudi and I’m a Sugar-Holic

Has the thought of giving up sugar come across your mind? Or has someone ever suggested that sugar take the back seat in your diet? Does the thought of no sugar make you think you’ll die without it? Part I In 1996 I totally balked at the suggested by someone to eliminate sugar in my
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Thought for Food

I see the pendulum swinging…I feel it…and it feels great!  It’s not just happening in the food scene, it is happening in other sectors of society.  While it is all exciting the change in attitude and in practice about our food supply is the biggest thrill to me!  We vote with our dollars.  How are
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