Care: EPIC START to Fitness Strategy #4

What does it mean to “care” for yourself in terms of fitness? Here are a few unorthodox comments and suggestions on the subject of fitness.

Take a moment each day to care for your body with gratitude in your mind and heart.
Simple point: when we focus on our own gratitude towards something, we are more caring and protective of it.

Likewise, towards a person. We are more empathetic and loving. We are more hopeful and more action oriented for the best outcomes for that person.

When we take a moment to care for that person with gratitude, we are more interested and patient with that person to help them get what they want or what is best for them.  Why not with our own self? We need to start with self! Remember we can’t truly take care of others until we take care of ourselves.

So it’s the same thing with our own bodies. While there are many aspects to our well-being that relate to caring for our bodies, we’re focused on physical fitness for now.

Literally thank your body for its current state of health and fitness. Thank it for its amazing ability to counter the abuses you have put it through or the lack of love you’ve shown it. And don’t beat yourself up for that, today is a new day—it’s time to MOVE on! (Pun intended.) Take time to be grateful of your ability to get from point A to point B; whatever that means for you. Focus on what is, not what is not.

Mindful Movement

There a lot of actions we can take in order to “care” for our bodies. First and foremost, be mindful of the amazing body you have. When you take a moment to be mindful and grateful of its current state each day, then you are in a better position to put the appropriate demands of physical activity on your body.
Take note of the activities you enjoy the most and try to include these in your fitness efforts more often than the ones you enjoy less.

Understand that physical activity is a necessary “stressor” to stimulate growth and repair. Some soreness is bound to result, but it’s important to avoid lasting pain due to overuse or ‘too much too soon’ type injuries. Be careful to start off gently. Discomfort is fine, but avoid anything that is truly painful. Remember part of being grateful is taking action to help your body improve, not put you back on the couch for the next six weeks!

The older you are, or the longer you have been sedentary; the more care you need to take by starting slowly and staying steady.

Engage in physical activity and movement that will increase strength, stamina and flexibility. When these things start to increase your body becomes even more amazing and beautiful in its function and appearance. Simply taking a 10-minute walk two or three times a day is a great place to start. Add a little stretching at the end of your walk. And don’t forget to thank your body when you finish!

Remember that becoming more fit is an individual journey. It is a process and the comparison gage should be your own baseline starting point. If you have been sedentary for more than 6 months, over 40 or obese, have an injury or mobility concern (or a combination of any of these); you should have a physical clearance and preferably a reliable source of fitness guidance before you start. Look for fitness professionals who have safe movement mechanics and empowerment as high priorities in their services.  Wellness strategies should include empowerment and safety to help you own it and for the long term benefits.

Move that body today! And enjoy it!

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