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Licking the Sugar Habit Long Term

Sugar is deceptive.  One litte gram of sugar can spin your easily changed habit right back around to Sugar Land.  So how do you lick the sugar habit long term? Part IV of my Sugar-Holic Story It was the new knowledge, the fear and hope, and my personal experience (daily physical misery) that motivated me
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How I ‘Licked the Sugar Habit’

Out with the sugar, in with the real food! When everything you eat is sugar-laden and you take that away, the calories have to come from somewhere. Part III of the Sugar-Holic Story In practical terms, this is how I switched from consuming 95% sugary foods in my diet to 95% real food. In a
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Mindful Action

When I mention being mindful and the newfound joy of mindfulness, you might think, “Do I have to practice meditation in order to be mindful?” If you are like me you might have a desire to create a meditation practice and include it in your daily schedule. If you are like me you have many
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Sugar-Holic–Motivational Power, Activate!

The startling truth about the insidious effects of sugar was the main motivator in my licking the sugar habit. I feared a life of surviving, but not thriving.  And with knowledge came hope. Part II of the Sugar-Holic Story My personal motivation to eat the way I ate prior to reading Lick the Sugar Habit
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