You-nique Well-being 

Himawari Wellness was created to share knowledge and inspiration to help you live vibrantly. You are the seed, and just like a seed of any kind YOU contain the essence of YOU—the fully blossoming, vibrant you! Are you barely surviving or are you thriving? If you feel like you are barely surviving, I invite you to let me help! You might receive a little watering or nourishment through the Himawari Wellness blog, social media posts or newsletter and be well on your way. You might realize the weather in your life has kept you from being the vibrant person you want to be.   Need a bit more cultivation? I'm here to help! I invite you to join The You-nique Approach to Well-being classes, workshops or individualized coaching.

Start Today: EPIC START to Fitness Strategy #5

A little movement goes a long way, so definitely start today! Why start TODAY? 1. The most important step is...

Why Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is an approach to eating differently from our typical modern way of consuming food. You can probably guess...

Mindful Action

When I mention being mindful and the newfound joy of mindfulness, you might think, “Do I have to practice meditation...

Connect to Life

The foot bone is connected to the leg bone…and so on goes the song. In reality, the foot bone is...

Himawari (hee-mah-wah-ree) "sunflower"

Colloquially: bright and cheerful person; vibrant.



We all know exercise is key to good health. The key is finding what works for you vs. you working for a program.



Nutrients are the building blocks of life and health.  Understanding basic nutrition principles helps you get more bang for your food buck.



Being attentive and aware of what is happening right here, right now is key to your health.



When you learn more about what you are connected to emotionally, mentally and physically you will experience growth in your health.